The Remodel Begins

My once nice living room that looked like this:


Now looks like this:


The once nice dining room looked like this:


Now looks like this:


The washer/dryer and refrigerator are now very conveniently located to the couch now because we are redoing the kitchen  Everything had to be moved/sold/trashed. The kitchen remodel is a complete overhaul- new floors, cabinets, countertops, paint, a peninsula, lighting, plus we took out a window (to be able to add the peninsula).

Kitchen before:

Rowhouse Kitchen Remodel before shot 2

Not so great, right? Boring, outdated, and hardly any cabinet space.  At least there is a cute kitty that stalks the dead mice under the fridge.  Yep, when we moved the fridge there were 3 dead mice carcasses underneath.

Rowhouse Kitchen Remodel before shot

Somehow I convinced my brother Michael  to come visit from Iowa and help out for the demolition.  Actually I just told him I would buy him crab cakes and oysters every night plus Orioles baseball is in town.  Good to know:  Michael will do hard labor for crab cakes from Ryleighs.

BC and Michael hard at work.  Cyrus supervises.

Gutting Rowhouse Kitchen Remodel

And the kitchen now:

Rowhouse Kitchen Remodel gut

The kitchen seems so spacious now!   Putting down the floors comes first, then new drywall, and paint before the cabinets, and appliances come in.  This is going to take a while!


Want to see what it looks like now? Click here!

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  1. Mariah says:

    Poor confused Cyrus. Quincy haaaates home renovations! He’s learned to go hide under our bed, basically.

  1. September 26, 2014

    […] The Demo with BC, Michael, and Cyrus the supervisor: […]

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