The Road to San Ignacio and Cahal Pech

We ended the day here:


Today started out with a ferry ride from Caye Caulker to Belize City, Belize. If you get sea sick, taking some medication before the ferries is a stellar idea.  I do get a little sick when seas are rough.  Today they were and I felt ill for a few minutes, then the seas calmed down and I was fine again.  There are flights to Caye Caulker and some of the other bigger islands as well.  It may be worth the money if you are prone to sea sickness.  Belize City is not a tourist destination but a big city with a high crime rate.  We hopped in a van at the Pier and drove out, not looking back.  We didn’t drive very fast though.  Roads in Belize were very comparable to the ones in Kenya and Tanzania in that they were massage roads (read: very bumpy and filled with holes).

Our first stop about 90 minutes later was the Belize Zoo.  I am not a fan of zoos (I feel sad for the animals) so here is my one photo in the zoo of a Japanese Hanging Lantern.


The zoo had pumas, jaguars, crocodiles, toucans, eagles, parrots and more. Most are endangered species so I hadn’t seen them before.



Simple and cheap but tasty.  The currency conversion from Belize dollars to US dollars is 2:1 so it is very simple to figure out prices.

San Ignacio is a small city near the Guatemalan border near a few archeological sites, caves, and rivers.  Unfortunately the rain was so heavy the past few days that most things were closed.  Cahal Pech, a classical period Maya city was the only thing open.  So here we are.


Many of these jungle sites need little restoration because the vegetation grows on top and covered and protected it for centuries.  Trees growing in errant places (like through the buildings themselves) is a big problem.


Me, a tiny speck, at the top of the biggest temple/palace:


They do let people climb the stable buildings.  But be careful!


Cahal Pech is an active dig site as well.  There are whole other plazas that have not been uncovered yet.

Archeologists working:


As we were walking out I decided the read the blurb on the back of my ticket.  Cahal Pech means the City of Ticks!!! You can bet I checked myself extensively after that jungle hike.


Tomorrow is Iguana Day!  Check back!

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