The Rodeo and more- Cody, WY

After staying in Yellowstone for 3 days we were ready to move on to Cody, WY.  The drive was about 3 hours and was quite scenic at times.  Leaving Yellowstone is a pain and the mountain downhill was very curvy (although going up is much worse).

Map of Yellowstone, Tetons, and Cody as shown by the map that is the floor of the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum in Cody, WY.


Cody was named after Buffalo Bill Cody who settled here and helped found the town.  We stayed at Hotel Irma (kind of a dump) who was one of his daughters.

Cody really plays into the whole Buffalo Bill history- they built a giant museum which I really liked, and they brought his house from LeClaire, Iowa to Cody.


Fun fact:  Buffalo Bill was born in LeClaire, Iowa where my mom lives.

This is the original site in LeClaire where his home sat.


The Buffalo Bill Museum had a lot of information about his famous Wild West show, Buffalo Bill and his family, the animals of Wyoming, Native Americans, and the biggest gun collection in the world.


The highlight of my trip to Cody though was the rodeo!!!  The Rodeo in Cody, WY every night from Memorial Day to Labor Day they put on a real rodeo.


There was bronc (horse) riding, bull riding, barrel racing, and calf roping.  I was not a big fan of the calf roping- it felt like they were hurting the calves’ necks.  That was the only part I didn’t watch.  They rest was awesome!


We sat as close to the gates and riders as we could.  That is where all the action is going to happen.

Barrel racing:


Bull riding:


The bull riding was scary but cool.  They were some big, mean bulls.


Eek! Codyrodeobull

The Rodeo in Cody, WY is a family-friendly event and has a lot of local talent in it.  This is not a hard-core professional rodeo competition.  But it fun and exciting enough to make you love the rodeo.

My advice:  Put the rodeo on your bucket list if you haven’t been to one.  It gives an insight into the cowboy lifestyle, you will be on the edge of your seat cheering for the riders, and it is fun!

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