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The Scary, Tiny Plane ride to Vieques, Puerto Rico

After a lovely day in Old San Juan, the cruise portion of our Caribbean Adventure was over. Vieques is a tiny island off the main island of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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There is a ferry connecting the two islands but they regularly have to boot off tourists because locals have priority. Rather than risk that, we just few from Isla Grande Airport (not the main airport in San Juan) to Vieques on Vieques Air Link.

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A friend of mine had just done the same thing so I was less nervous than I would have been otherwise. We had to get our luggage weighed, including carry-ons, and ourselves!!! This tiny plane had to be balanced. There were six passengers including the pilot for the 20 minute flight across San Juan, a little bit of the sea, and then Vieques.

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It was super-scary and the weather was perfect. Only at one spot was there any turbulence but the plane was so small you can really feel it. I listened to my iPod and Snapchatted the whole time to escape reality.

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After landing on Vieques our jeep rental company picked us up and took us to our kickass white Jeep. The roads on Vieques are good but not great but the curbs are gigantic. To get into parking spots and driveways can be extremely bumpy!

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Our living quarters on Vieques are at Evamer outside the main town of Isabel II, right on the beach. Cava, the resident dog, likes Pringles and therefore, liked us, the owners of the Pringles.


Vieques is a chill place, perfect for hammock reading. I chose to tackle the mammoth book, Leo Tolstoy’s masterpiece, War and Peace while on this trip. I did break it up with some trashy romance novels but Vieques provided the perfect amount of relaxing reading time to finish this Russian literary classic. I was really into War and Peace, which was a big surprise to me! It was easier for me to get into than Anna Karenina but that could have been the result of the ample free time I had on vacation.

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Lazy vacation days are the best! (although I’d prefer not to do the small plane again for a while!)

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Reader Question: Tiny planes-have you flown in one before? Were your more scared than on a regular plane or are you as cool as a cucumber?

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