The Slow Winding Road to Hana

The Road to Hana is a well-known must-do attraction on the island of Maui. I’m not totally sure I agree with that statement but it made for something different to do if you are sunburned or burnt out from beach activities.

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There are some neat hiking trails on the Road to Hana-Twin Falls, Waikamoi Ridge Trail, and Bamboo Forest Trail.

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But mostly you are dodging cars and driving really slow! There are 52 one lane “bridges” and a lot of road construction (which is totally understandable when you build a road onto the side of a cliff!). During these 30 minute delays, I listened to a book on tape which made it more enjoyable than listening to myself sing pop songs.

traffic stopped on the Road to Hana

The lush vegetation on the east side of Maui made for a jungle quality, while the flat parts like this in town of Ke’Anae, really looks like the South Pacific. For a second, it felt like I was in Tahiti!

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One word of practical advice:

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Finding a bathroom on the road to Hana when you need one is near to impossible so plan ahead and dehydrate yourself.  I ended up peeing in the woods on one of my hikes Open-mouthed smile There is a bathroom at the ballpark in Ke’Anae so make sure to stop here!

It will take most of the day to get to Hana and back so pack some snacks or banana bread at a roadside stand may be one of the only choices for a while. But really you aren’t driving to Hana for the food, you are really there for the view.

While I wouldn’t consider the Road to Hana a must do, it was a nice change of pace from beach activities. Make sure you have your snacks, a full tank of gas (no gas stations along the route), a good audio book, your sense of adventure, and a lot of patience and the Road to Hana will be a fun outing while on Maui.

Reader Question: Banana bread or Mango bread? They sold both on Maui, I am a purist and stuck with banana. What would you pick?

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  1. Soooo we didn’t really GET the Road the Hana either… it was pretty but I kept getting car sick from trying to read the tour book on the road. It was just such a long day!

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