The Wayside Inn, Ellicott City

The Wayside Inn in Ellicott City is a fun B&B close to the historic area of town. The owners David and Susan, are so welcoming and friendly. Last Tuesday, I had a dinner meeting in downtown Ellicott City at Tersiguels. The Wayside Inn is only a few miles away so I thought it would be a fun place to stay for the night since I was already in the area.

Wayside Inn Ellicott City

We checked in just after sunset after a long day at work and work dinner. The Wayside Inn was perfect for a comfy night in. They have Verizon Fios, something we have been dying to get in Baltimore City but cannot. The bazillions of TV channels made for a good night of TV watching and wine drinking from our super-tall bed.

Wayside Inn Ellicott City Pierpoint Suite

There are stairs up to the bed if you cannot vault up to the top of the mattress Smile We did just fine. The sheets here are worth noting, they were incredibly soft.

I knew The Wayside Inn would be a wonderful place to spend the night because they are a member of Select Registry, a group of superior bed and breakfasts and hotels known for their high quality and great service.

IMG_8118 (2)

There was a sitting room in our suite, the Pierpoint Suite on the second floor. There were two rooms on our floor that were very cute with gigantic bathtubs. I read a few of the food magazines while we watched House Hunters. We did not use the fireplaces (there were 2 in our suite!) because it is actually nice outside this week.

IMG_5774 (2)

Sleep at The Wayside Inn came easy but morning came too soon. BC jetted to work and skipped breakfast. That was a silly thing to do since breakfast was the delicious. But first was the coolest coffee/latte/cappuccino/tea maker on the 2nd floor where you can make yourself anything at any time of day.  I started with a chai latter before going downstairs from coffee and breakfast.

IMG_5784 (2)

A yogurt, berry, grape, and granola starter:

IMG_5785 (2)

And this baked blueberry French toast with a side of crisp bacon for the breakfast entrée.  David and Susan really know how to cook breakfast but they don’t want to keep their cooking knowledge all to themselves. You will find a bunch of their recipes on The Wayside Inn website, including this French Toast bake.

IMG_8128 (2)

I devoured all of this and had a happy tummy!

Sadly, my time at The Wayside Inn was short. If you have an event in Ellicott City or are visiting friends and family, The Wayside Inn is the perfect spot to spend your nights and breakfast-time. It is close to the historic downtown and some major roads to get you to where you are going.  The Inn itself is filled with charm and character and you will love chatting with David about his travels and recipes.

Reader question: What is your favorite breakfast food? Are you a French Toast, omelet, or pancake person?

Disclaimer: Select Registry put me up at The Wayside Inn but all opinions are my own.

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