Things to do around Baltimore this Winter

It finally feels like winter in Baltimore- sigh. We had a good run in December and it was a balmy 71 degrees on Christmas Eve which is just weird. As I type this it is 12 degrees outside, quickly getting me in the mood for booking vacations to tropical destinations. Since I can’t leave right now I’ve made a list of things to do in Baltimore this winter so you can spend your time having fun and exploring the city and not have cabin fever.  And if you don’t live in Baltimore, that’s okay, use this as a guide to finding options in your own area.

Not this snowy in Baltimore yet:

Denver 030

    1. Go see a show at the Hippodrome, orchestra at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, or the 90’s cover band playing at Rams Head Live this Friday. Phantom of the Opera is on tour at the Hippodrome in Baltimore  from Jan 27-Feb 7. I shall be attending! Cover band fun:                                                                                IMG_7202
    2. Great Frogs Winery in Annapolis has been on my to-do list since having a fun tasting on the American Sailing Tours sunset sail back in September. Also, there are so many wine tasting deals on Groupon right now. Go check them out and have a wine tasting adventure!                                                                                       IMG_4030 (2)
    3. Winter is the perfect time for Italian comfort food. When it gets cold out, my body craves a warm, filling meal- preferably anything involving gnocchi. I have two new restaurants in Baltimore’s Little Italy on my mental list of places to have dinner. I will report back to let you know how they pan out.           IMG_2267 (2)
    4. Yay for the return of Baltimore Restaurant Week! Restaurant Week is held semi-annually- one in the dead of summer and in the dead of winter. This winter it is from January 22-31st. Make your reservations early! I already have two reservations made- one with my book club and the other with BC.                        IMG_3020 (2)
    5. With all this eating, some exercise is a good thing. Try some new fitness activity when the cold sets in- the small but excellent, Mt Vernon Fitness was just named one of the most beautiful gyms in the world (for real! by Vanity Fair France) and is worth checking out. My social media friend Tina who blogs at Blonde Beet Nirvana and teaches barre at Barrevolution, always looks to be having a good class. Whatever your fitness poison, drink some of it this winter.           Ugly Sweater run (photo credit: Mandy)
    6. Do something crazy like the Polar Bear Plunge or just watch your friends do it! I’m cool with just watching and supporting Smile

      Whatever your hobbies, tastes, and adventurous spirit can handle- get out there and explore your city. There are plenty of things to do around Baltimore this winter or which ever city you call home- so get out there and have some fun!

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3 Responses

  1. Sounds like there are a lot of fun things to do there in the winter, and you gave me some great ideas for things to do around here! I definitely need to find a good 90s cover band in NYC (I’m sure there are some good ones about), and I’ve been meaning to take a tour of Brooklyn Winery. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Chaitali says:

    I love that photo from the ugly sweater run 🙂 Movie night with friends is always fun too. We’re having a bunch of people over this weekend to watch random movies and eat comfort food. Perfect winter activities!

  3. Baltimore sounds like such a fabulous place! So much to do.

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