Huntsville Botanical Gardens and More

Hello from Huntsville, Alabama! When TBEX North America chose Huntsville as their location for their annual conference, I was happy that was finally going to get to visit Alabama (US state #48!) but had never heard of anyone visiting Huntsville before- other than for Spacecamp, that is. If you get yourself to Huntsville someday, here are some things to do in Huntsville other than Spacecamp.

Best name for an Alabama radio station ever!


My Huntsville itinerary was thwarted by rainy weather but I jam packed in some fun stuff in the day and a half I had prior to the conference. The first order of business in Huntsville was to find some delicious food. Below the Radar Brewhouse popped up in my Yelp app with good reviews and a delicious sounding menu.

Things to do in Huntsville- beer at Below the Radar Brewhouse

My brother Michael and I started with beer- a saison for me and an amber ale for him. Both were fantastic. We sat outside in the 80 degree sun since we knew the clouds would be coming later in the day to rain on our parade.  Pork belly bahn mi for myself.  Mom and Michael ordered yummy looking salads that they both raved about.  Lunch was a win!

IMG_9415 (2)

Afternoon activities included looked at Twickenham Historic District houses (which is right in the center of the city), walking around the lagoons and Big Spring Park. Big Spring Park is a great place to go for a run- something I did a few times on this trip.

IMG_9873 (2)

I booked the Embassy Suites for the conference as the convention center is connected but the neighboring Springhill Suites was slightly less expensive and had an outdoor pool- tanning time! So night 1 we stayed at Springhill Suites and the rest of the time at the Embassy Suites.

IMG_9862 (3)

As we formulated our plan for the following day I kept mentioning the Huntsville Botanical Gardens and my family kept telling me they didn’t like Botanical Gardens. I persisted and we went! The Huntsville Botanical Gardens  were on my radar because of the TBEX photography tour held there as well as great reviews on Trip Advisor.

Things to do in Huntsville- Huntsville Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens were beautiful! The Children’s Garden had a maze, statues, cool plants and flowers- it was an experience. There was a butterfly house.

IMG_9856 (2)

And a random dinosaur in the woods that scared the crap out of me because he made snorting sounds occasionally. Unfortunately it started pouring while we were at the botanical gardens.

A hammock garden- all I’ve ever wanted in life!

IMG_9858 (2)

During the downpour Mom and I headed indoors to grab some lunch. Even if you hate botanical gardens (which you shouldn’t, they are fun!), you need to come here and eat at TBL Restaurant. In an attempt to eat healthy in the South I had a strawberry chevre salad and Mom got the pimento cheese BLT.  Both were fantastic!


Things to do in Huntsville- eat at TBL at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens

The other rainy day attempt was to the opening day of the Greene Street Farmer’s Market. Everyone was so nice wanting to give us samples but also bored because it was raining and keeping the sane customers away.

Things to do in Huntsville- Greene St Farmers Market

We did some looking but no buying.

It was a fun few pre-conference days in Huntsville! As I’ve never ever heard of anyone visiting here other than for work or spacecamp; it was really surprising to see so many things to do in Huntsville. Add it to your Alabama roadtrip itinerary!

Reader Question: Have you ever been to Huntsville or know someone who has (other than for work)?

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