Things to do in the Finger Lakes, NY

Planning a trip to the Finger Lakes? Here are some ideas to start the vacation planning.

1) Outdoor Sports

The Finger Lakes Region in New York is the perfect setting for outdoor sports and recreation. There is a lot going on in the summer here like:


IMG_8202 (2)

Hiking through the gorge at Watkins Glen State Park is a great little hike. It isn’t too strenuous, although it is uphill for the first half. You will find yourself stopping often for photos and to see where you started at the bottom.  Plan for about 90 minutes to complete the loop from bottom to top back to bottom.

IMG_5924 (3)IMG_2223 (2)

Here is  a list of 76 other hiking and biking trails!

IMG_8212 (2)


BC and I did some kayaking around Keuka Lake one beautiful morning. Kayaks are available from Keuka Lake Bicycle, Canoe, and Kayak Rentals for 1 person and for 2 people. Grab your waterproof camera and a life jacket.  It was a peaceful and invigorating way to start the day.

DSCF0506 (2)DSCF0523 (2) 


The Lakes that are the Finger Lakes are filled with fish. Relax for a few hours by fishing in one of the designated areas with a charter.


The Finger Lakes also has running road races during the summer months.  If you need an excuse to visit somewhere, sign up for a race! Check here, here, and here for a list. After your run you can sightsee, drinks some wine, and grab some delicious grub.

2) Drinking

IMG_8171 (3)

The Finger Lakes is known most often as a wine region. There is good beer and food to soak up the alcohol around as well.  Don’t miss out!


IMG_5939 (2)

There are so many wineries to choose from- so many options!!! Hopefully you are a white wine drinker but there are a few stops with good reds and sparkling wine as well. Dr. Konstantin is the most famous but Heron Hill, Atwater, Chateau LaFayette Reneau, and Domaine Leseurre are some good options.


IMG_5870 (2)

Craft beer brewing in the Finger Lakes is alive and well.  Two of my favorite stops on this trip were to breweries: Brewery of Broken Dream in Hammondsport, NY and Heavily Brewing Company.

IMG_8274 (2)

Don’t forget to bring home a growler or bottle or two of your favorites to enjoy during  backyard barbeque or porch sitting session.

IMG_6118 (2)

3) Relaxing

IMG_2173 (2)

The Finger Lakes is all about relaxing. The slow pace, winding roads, gorgeous lake and vineyard views,  and friendly natives provide the backdrop for a restful and relaxing vacation.

Bed and Breakfasts

IMG_5912 (2)

Bed and Breakfasts are the way to go in the Finger Lakes. Find The Blackberry Inn in Watkins Glen, NY for the best breakfast at a B&B ever!

IMG_5917 (2)


There is some powerful yet peaceful about a waterfall.  The Finger Lakes area has many- some hidden, some right next to the major roads! Here is Montour Falls.

IMG_8136 (3)

Other waterfalls to find:


IMG_5846 (2)

Along many of the Finger Lakes are parks and benches made for relaxing, book reading, picnics, and thinking deep thoughts. When the time comes after the outdoor adventures when you are full of wine and food, come to a park and watch the sun set over a lake.

IMG_8245 (2)

When planning your summer travel in the Northeast United States, consider spending a long weekend in the Finger Lakes.  There is so much to see and do that a longer trip would allow for seeing some of the lesser visited lakes, or a side trip to Corning, NY and the Corning Museum of Glass.

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