Three Days in Cleveland

Last weekend I spent 3 days in Cleveland catching up with a friend and riding roller coasters! A summer weekend at it’s finest. Cleveland has a lot going on for entertainment and culture and if it wasn’t so cold in the winter, maybe my friend would have a new neighbor.

Did you know there was a National Park outside of Cleveland. I had no idea. Cuyahoga Valley National Park is about 30 minutes away and has many different areas to explore. We gathered the troops on a 90 degree day and headed out to the Ledges area which was a nice and shady trail on this hot day. They were good little hikers.

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Are you a big roller coaster fan? If so, if you haven’t been to Cedar Point, you must get there soon. Cedar Point is my favorite amusement park and has the best rides. But now that I’m old, I feel sick after every single roller coaster I ride. I need at least an hour recovery after every one. I think my roller coaster riding days have passed. #old


Find an online coupon before you go and make sure to go on a weekday. I went on a Thursday and it was not crowded.


After riding a few rides and needing a break I went to Melt, a Cleveland restaurant staple known for their melty grilled cheese sandwiches. It was hot and grilled cheese did not appeal so it was salad and a delicious Cleveland beer for me.

20180628_115815 (2)

A few more rides and a terribly cheesy show in air-conditioning and I was done for the day at Cedar Point. This park seriously is the best amusement park for roller coasters. Make a point to get here someday.


Mariah and I met for dinner at Trentina by the amazing art museum in Cleveland. It was a very cool area and the food at Trentina was great! The most interesting thing we ordered was the bread that was a big puff and the accompanying beef fat candle. It was just like rich butter- super-good!!!

20180629_180212 (2)

During the day on Friday when Mariah was at work I went to the Lake Erie Edgewater “beach”. It was really warm that day so some time under a tree reading my book was just perfect. Sometimes walking around and exploring is sweaty work. The Edgewater Park was beautiful.

20180629_105315 (2)20180629_105325 (2)

After beaching it for a while, bagels and West Side Market were next on my to-do list. Cleveland Bagel Company came highly recommended with their odd flavors of cream cheese.


I ordered two separate bagels- and everything bagel with thyme black pepper horseradish schmear and a rosemary bagel with brie honey walnut schmear. Both were phenomenal but the rosemary with brie honey walnut was the big winner of the day. After scraping off half of the cream cheese provided (seriously, it was soooooo much!)I was so happy.


West Side Market is a fantastic market filled with local vendors with fruits, vegetables, pierogis, fresh pastas, apple fritters, kielbasa, fresh baked bread, and more. Seriously, this place would be my go-to if I lived in the area.



One of many donut and apple fritter options:


A whole stand of just enchiladas! I’ve never seen a stand like this before.


Since I was full on bagels, I grabbed some fresh raspberries before leaving West Side Market. It was such a cool place. But next time I’ll come hungry with my friends Ben and Mariah so we can try everything!

My trip to Cleveland was a fun-filled adventure seeing friends and exploring new places. Have you been on any weekend trips this summer so far?

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  1. Chaitali says:

    I grew up a couple hours from Cleveland and we used to go to both the park and Cedar Point every Summer! Looks like you made the most of your weekend there 🙂

  2. Mariah Crabtree says:

    Xoxo xoxo xoxo come back!!

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