Three random mentions from Asian Airports


The Tokyo Narita airport was a little bland especially after coming from the vibrant Singapore airport.  There were a few fun things that made me laugh out loud.

First up is the magical toilet.  It is also a bidet and has a fake flushing noise you can play when feeling self-conscious on the pot.


I played it no less than 3 times for fun and giggled each time.  You can adjust the volume too depending on how badly you need it.

The person who used the bidet last obviously needed some significant water pressure 🙂

I forgot to mention that I got to fly on the Airbus 330-800.  It is the huge, fully double-decker plane (not the Dreamliner with the battery issues).  I was on one from Frankfurt to Bangkok on Thai Airways and another from Singapore to Tokyo on Singapore Airlines.  These planes are awesome.  The Singapore Airlines one actually had suites on the airplanes with beds and doors.  I obviously didn’t pre-sell my firstborn child so I was with the normal folk back in Economy class which was still pretty cool.


Before my flight from Tokyo to Chicago I ran into these two guys and decided to play paparazzi.  They were most definitely members of some Japanese boy band and were sporting an Adam Lambert getup, Justin Bieber hair, and were getting lots of attention from the Japanese tweens.


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  1. Megan says:

    Ooh flushing noises, what a good idea!

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