Asakusa- Old Town Tokyo and More

I love Tokyo! It is crowded, full of life, and has so many different and fun neighborhoods. The ride into Tokyo was possibly the funniest thing I will remember most about the whole trip. My group with all their luggage was smashed onto a train with no room to move or breathe.

IMG_3878 (2)

I ended up in the corner of the train car being held up by the wall, smushed up against someone’s backpack, as well as another tour mate.  I didn’t need to hold on to anything, there was no where for me to fall.  We laughed and laughed the whole ride. This is exactly what I thought Tokyo would be like.

Of course, it was pouring rain when we arrived so my attempt at visiting the Harajuku– Japan’s fashion district was a bust. The shops had lots of crazy, teenager things and the people watching is supposed to be amazing. But umbrellas were up and raincoats on so the pedestrian fashion show was not great.

IMG_6857 (2)

I did find a great store and purchased a dress, sweater, and skirt. So it wasn’t a total bust Smile

Next up was Tokyo’s old town- Asakusa. Known as a tourist trap, it was still one I wanted to see and I’m glad I did. Right off the subway was some clever architecture:


The pint of beer-shaped building on the left is an Asahi building- a famous Japanese beer. The gold thing on the right is a torch that never got stood up during construction. Love it.

IMG_3882 (2)

He is part of the tourist trip but was whatever.

This guy with the amazing hair + selfie stick  below was one of the people surrounding me and my group on the train ride into Tokyo. Who would have thought we would run into him again! We all said hi.

IMG_3889 (2)

Me and the big red lantern.

IMG_3898 (2)

Mango ice cream in Asakusa. I was going to order the purple sweet potato flavor to be different but the lady working there told me it was bad.

IMG_6895 (2)

There is a lot of touristy shopping for kimonos, tshirts, fans, and more on the main street leading to a temple. I thought it was all pretty great. I purchased a ninja tshirt for BC and a magnet for myself. I’m not a big souvenir shopper but kimono shopping with friends was fun.

IMG_6902 (2)

Every once in a while someone would be in traditional garb, it was so pretty! I was jealous a few times and thought about purchasing one I could use as a bathrobe.

IMG_6908 (2)

Last sightseeing of the day in Tokyo took us to the unimaginative Imperial Palace. Maybe because it was mostly blocked off or sideways raining, this is something you can skip in Tokyo.

IMG_6862 (2)

Or just walk by on your way somewhere else. Entrance is free, which is a plus but nothing worth seeing.

IMG_6870 (2)

Next up is my favorite part of the day: dinner! It is a good one so check back!

IMG_3917 (2)


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  1. Fairlie says:

    It was pouring with rain the day we went to Asakusa – but it was fun wandering through the shops.

  2. Bryna says:

    I LOVE Asakusa! No matter how many times I’ve been, I never mind visiting again. I love all the stalls there, and I always find something new. There’s always so much to eat in that area!

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