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Seeing the sights in London can be an expensive thing! Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Tower of London all cost between $20-35 USD to gain entrance. Out of the three main London attractions I wanted to see the Tower of London, the point of conflict, power, opulence, and death over the centuries.

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The Tower of London is not really a tower but a complex fort with gates and buildings strategically placed along the Thames River. Most famously, it is known as the place of beheadings of the wives of Henry VIII but was built long before that in bits and pieces. First William the Conqueror built the White Tower in 1078 and the palace rooms in the 1200s by King Henry III and his son King Edward the I.

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The Tower of London is most famous for the imprisonment of England’s “enemies” including King Henry VIII wife number 2, Anne Boleyn. These days the Tower of London houses many royal artifacts, the Crown jewels (which are amazing!!!! but no photos allowed) and suits of armor worn by the Royals.

I, or course, took a picture of the only one with strong man-part protection:

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Beefeaters give tours and talks around the complex and we ran into a few reenactments which were really fun for kids.

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Ravens live at the Tower of London as superstition advises that the Crown will fall if all the Ravens leave the Tower of London.

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They have cages but can go in and out and hang out in the lawn.

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The Tower of London is a very cool place. Visiting the palace rooms, the medieval church, former dungeons, the armory, and my favorite- the Crown jewels make the entrance price worth it.


Better yet is that the Tower of London is in a beautiful location near Tower Bridge. We walked across the other side of the river for some views and some lunch.

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Tower Bridge is a gorgeous sight over the Thames!

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Our lunch spot was not really noteworthy because we went for the traditional British pub cuisine- fish and chips with mushy peas. and a beer. Mushy peas are like baby food- strange.

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Reader Question: Do you know much about King Henry VIII and the crazy stories of his wives? Have you read the Other Boleyn Girl?

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  1. Ohhh I remember learning about the wives in High School… I’m going to have to go refresh my memory. 🙂
    What a cool experience.

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