Slovenia Trip highlights- bathrooms, food, and nephews


On vacation it is sometimes the little things that you remember or make a difference in your experience.  I try to keep a mental record of the good things.  But on the blog, I can make a real list.  And random things are the most fun to remember.

1)  Slovenian bathrooms.  Slovenian bathrooms beat out all other European countries in cleanliness of bathrooms.  I always carry tissue with me and am constantly saying “ewwww” in Europe about the condition of the bathrooms.  Not in Slovenia, they are immaculate.  And sometimes, they have cute door signs.

Slovenia1 029

2)  The food. In both Hungary and Slovenia I’ve had some surprisingly delicious food.  Venison steak, boar, goulash, mushroom everything, as well as the normal pizza, sandwiches, and gyros.  The only thing I didn’t like were the desserts.  Gelato is the way to go!  In Italy the food is always my favorite, Slovenia comes in 2nd place on this trip.

Slovenia4 004 Slovenia4 002

Megan’s delicious non-greasy calamari on left and my beef and cheese sandwich on right in Slovenia.

Best dish goes to my mushroom pasta in Monterosso.  Simple yet delicious.  Beverage: Nero D’avolo wine in Monterosso.

3) Giant hotel rooms!  In Europe they call a twin bed a double and stuff people into tiny hotel rooms similar to New York City or smaller. This trip I had some big hotels rooms.  Budapest was the biggest European hotel room I’ve never had.  We stayed in a suite in Bled and even the hotel in Ljubljana wasn’t small.

Budapest2 031

Hotel in Budapest

Budapest2 032

A romantic double bed.  Made for couples who hate each other or perfect when traveling with family and your mom/sister/friend steals the covers.

4) Markets.  I love going to food markets.  Usually there is yummy snacks and are great people watching.

Budapest1 028 Stuttgart 008

Budapest (left), Stuttgart (right)

Slovenia1 010 Slovenia1 011


5) Caden

My nephew is cute!  Traveling with him is fun because you get to act silly and he slows you down so you have to take breaks and look around a little more.

Slovenia1 028 Slovenia1 046

Slovenia2 001 Slovenia3 003

He also likes to jump on me while I’m sleeping and reading.

Next up, moving and redecorating in Baltimore and Dewey Beach.

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5 Responses

  1. Megan says:

    I hope this list is in order from good to best:). And josh and I love those double/single beds!

  2. Leanne Weydert says:

    Nice Andrea!

  3. Trevor says:

    Hey Andrea,

    Just remembered you gave me a link to your blog before heading out on your adventure. Today (6/29/12) is the 2 year anniversary of my successful cochlear implant op! I appreciate all of the help you and Dr. Limb gave me in restoring my hearing… enjoy your travels!

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