Tubing the Iowa River


RAGBRAI bikes  near my mom’s hometown where my aunt, uncle, and grandmother currently live.  Since the route was nearby and I desperately needed to borrow my aunt’s awesome bike, Mom and I stopped in Eldora, IA for a few days.


Tubing the Iowa River has been on my list of things to do since my family does it all the time and I have not.  There are a few spots along the river near Eldora that you can ride.  Normally our route take 6-8 hours depending on the Iowa River water level.  There had been a lot of rain recently so the water was moving.  We finished in 3 1/2 hours!


Once we got stuck on a big tree.  Good thing we tied ourselves together or we would have each been tubing alone.  It took teamwork to get around the tree but we managed it.


Sandwiches and Diet Coke with Lime sodas were consumed, sunblock reapplied.


It was a relaxing ride.  Parts were shady but tubing the Iowa River was mostly sunny.  Mom complained that on previous trips they would have to walk part of the route because it was too shallow.  Not today!


We started in Steamboat Rock, IA  finished up in Pine Lake State Park near Eldora.  Two cars were essential to making this all work.  I drove one car back to get the other while making sure to drive the speed limit.  Getting pulled over in my bikini would have been hilarious but no thanks.


After tubing we hit up an Eldora Ice Cream store and I got vanilla with strawberry edges.  Yum!


It was a perfect summer outdoor adventure day!  If you have a river near you and have had some rain recently I would highly recommend packing your waterproof camera, a sandwich, and some soda for a float day.  Tubing the Iowa River was a lot of fun.


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