UFO Museum Roswell, New Mexico

Roswell, New Mexico has been on my must-see list since the show Roswell first ran on the WB network. I didn’t really watch that show often but it made me very interested in the events that occurred in Roswell in 1947. The International UFO Museum and Research Center and fun kitsch around Roswell was something I really was excited to see.

outside UFO Museum Roswell

Roswell is about 3 1/2 hours from Albuquerque and Santa Fe down a boring and deserted stretch of highway. Luckily, the speed limit is 70 mph so we cruised along pretty quick. Only one small town was big enough to have a gas station so plan your bathroom breaks and gas fill-ups accordingly.

drive to Roswell, New Mexico

Once in civilization again immediately went to the UFO Museum  Roswell. It closes at 5 so make sure you leave yourself at least an hour to give yourself the full tour.

UFO Museum Roswell entrance

The UFO Museum immediately starts out with the events of July of 1947. Newspaper articles, affidavits, photos, and letters line the walls to help explain the timeline and the thoughts and actions of those involved in the suspected alien UFO crash landing during a lightning storm between Roswell and Corona, New Mexico.

UFO Museum Roswell personal accounts

I must say, the affidavits and letters lent a perspective to the Roswell incident that Wikipedia doesn’t tell you about. I never realized that along with the UFO, many residents of Roswell claim that there were “bodies” that also crash landed. The coroner received the craziest phone call from Army personnel that will have you second guessing everything you thought you knew.

UFO Museum Roswell alien displays

The UFO Museum is also very kitschy as well. They play up the alien encounter factor with some displays like this one:

The gift shop is pretty great (but no photos are allowed). I snuck a photo of the Coke machine right outside the gift shop.

UFO Museum Roswell Coke machine

Half the Museum was all about the 1947 Roswell incident, the other half was split among alien/Roswell movies and TV shows, crop circles (which I love reading about!), the differences between UFO and non- UFO sightings, and alien encounters.

The UFO Museum Roswell was such a fun and thought provoking experience, one I would definitely recommend you carve out of day for if you find yourself in New Mexico.

Peppers bar and Grill Roswell chips and salsa

All that post-museum discussion with my mom made us hungry and in need for a mind-numbing margarita. We found the locally owned Peppers Bar and Grill on Yelp on the drive back to our Hampton Inn and went for it.

Peppers Bar and Grill Roswell navajo catfish

The chip were awesome and my entrée was the the big winner of the night. The Navajo catfish was cooked in a husk which made it very moist and delicious.

Two thumbs up for Roswell, New Mexico!

Reader Questions: Roswell and Aliens- Do you believe we are alone in the universe? Did you watch the TV show Roswell?



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3 Responses

  1. Chaitali says:

    I never saw the tv show but of course have heard of Roswell in connection with alien rumors. That’s funny that some of the information has guests second guessing what they thought they knew! This definitely sounds like a fun stop.

  2. oh this is fun! I watched the X files:)) #weekend wanderlust

  3. Ruth says:

    Oh no! I know that this place is kitschy but I would like to visit too. I am sure it is a great place to learn more about “the incident.” Plus, I know the entire town is full of UFO motives.

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