Village Life around Lake Victoria


Today was a completely different itinerary where we got to see small African village life on the banks of Lake Victoria.  Lake Victoria is the second largest freshwater lake in the world (behind Lake Superior) and is located in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.  We are on the Tanzanian side of the lake.


My group boated in Lake Victoria for an hour or so, checking out the fish traps and the views of the shore.


In the picture below you see two women with red plastic jugs filling them with water.  People walk from miles away to the lake to capture their water supply for home daily.



Men tend to do the fishing and the women take it to market to sell.


Many East Africans are not too fond of having their faces in photos- they believe the camera captures their soul.  The only pictures of people I took were ones where we were given permission.  The people in this market were fine with it as the village sees a lot of travelers from our hotel before heading into the Serengeti.

I still tried not to be too invasive and kept a low profile.


Kids are a different story.  They love their photo taken and some even ask so they can see it on your camera screen.


These children are about to have breakfast which was a porridge-like soup and some tomatoes.


Houses and streets were simple.


One of these buildings was a movie theatre where they showed soccer games daily and the occasional Chuck Norris film.



My little friends held my hand and tried to lead me to their school.  But we had to continue on to the Serengeti so we said our goodbyes.

So adorable and fun!


Today I feel like we saw more of real Africa than the normal tourist sees on an entire vacation when they only goes on safari and fly in and out of big cities.  Interacting with locals and learning about the daily life of the citizens in a community bring better understanding of the differences and similarities among people of the world.


While I love me an all-inclusive resort occasionally, trips and daytrips like today are so much better!

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