Virginia Winery Hopping

Last weekend was my friend Rebekah’s birthday and Rebekah’s birthday’s are usually full of wine. A few years ago we went to Napa and Sonoma for her milestone birthday. While Napa would have been nice to do again we opted instead for the much closer wineries in Northern Virginia. We piled into a Sprinter van bright and early Saturday morning and were off to do some Virginia winery hopping.


Bull Run Winery was our first stop of the day. If you have heard of Bull Run it was because of the Battle of Bull Run in the Civil War. It was a major battle site and confederate victory. The area is still littered with Civil War historical markers and sights.


Wine tastings were $18 here which is super expensive. You do get 8 healthy pours- 4 white and 4 red. I am not a white wine drinker so I just went up to a staff member working the bar selling wine by the glass and by the bottle and asked her for her favorite. I find this is the best way to get the goods on what it the best.

Virginia Winery hopping Bull Run Winery Meritage

She steered me towards the Meritage- which I thought was pronounced more French and the winery assures me is it is plain old Marry-tige. I was so disappointed in the pronunciation and that I’ve been saying it wrong for years but not in the wine. The Meritage was delicious! Thanks wine lady!

IVirginia Winery hopping Bull Run Winery grounds

My 10 other friends who did the full tasting said the Meritage was their favorite of the bunch as well. A few of us bought bottles to take home and drink on the porch outside. I wandered the grounds with my friend and travel buddy Sharon. On warm day, it would have been perfect for a picnic and to just hang out but it was about 30 degrees with 30 mile per hour winds.


The second stop of the day was up a windy, gravel road to  Stone Tower Winery. This is a huge complex and very, crowded with wine tasters. Everyone was inside because of the cold (but sunny) weather.

We made a huge picnic spread at the table and bought a few bottles of wine to share while some waited to do the $15 tasting. I opted out again and just hung out with everyone eating all the delicious food people brought along.

IMG_8982 (2)

My favorite wines at Stone Tower were the Malbec and the Sanglier Noble red blend. I bought a bottle of the Sanglier to bring home with me for later drinkage Smile

Snowstorm pour later in the week:


We really meant to go to 3 different wineries but a bunch of our Dewey Beach friends who live in Virginia and DC met us at Stone Tower so we did not end up moving on but instead taking lots of photos.


The ride home was a lot of fun and involved singing and trip planning. I would definitely love to plan another day doing some Virginia winery hopping when it is bit warmer and we can hang out outside. Another great day with wine for Rebekah’s birthday!

Reader Question: Have you ever been to wineries in Virginia? What are your favorites?

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