Visiting Graceland

Hello from Tennessee! A good airfare sale from Southwest popped up about a month ago so I decided to visit Memphis among other locales this weekend. Visiting Graceland was my first order of business, home of Elvis Presley.

IMG_6563 (2)

Right outside of downtown Memphis is Graceland, towards the Mississippi border. Both the crowds and I arrived around 10am making for long ticket and tour lines. Tickets prices started at $38 for a basic Graceland tour going up to $80 for the VIP experience. I went with the 2nd cheapest ticket and I’m glad I chose the one I did.

IVisiting Graceland

The cheapest was only a tour of the house while the 2nd cheapest ticket got me into the automobile museum and a few other exhibits. Since it was so crowded I had something to do for my 40 minute wait before my tour of the Graceland mansion left.

Visiting Graceland Elvis's pink cadillac

The car museum was fun- this was his mother’s favorite pink Cadillac. There were Elvis’ motorcycles, limos, and of course Cadillacs to view- a car lover’s dream!

The main tour required a bus to take us across the street to the Graceland mansion. We all had iPads with headphones to give an in-depth audio and video tour. It was a neat set-up and John Stamos was our guide.

IMG_8339 (3)

Outside Graceland we lined up and stood for a few moments for photos and waited for the group before us to go inside.

Visiting Graceland mansion

This kid was obviously a fan:

IMG_8345 (2)

Once the tour started Uncle Jesse directed us to the living room with peacock stained glass windows. All the furniture in the house was Elvis’s along with portraits and keepsakes.

Visiting Graceland living room

Tours are restricted to the first floor only. You cannot go upstairs into Elvis’ rooms, his sanctuary from the world.

Visiting Graceland stairway

This dining room is set with Pricilla and Elvis’s wedding china and Lisa Marie will occasionally have dinner here with friends and family when she is in town.

Visiting Graceland dining room

In the basement is the media room, an awesome setup with the 1970s TV screens and bright yellow walls.

Visiting Graceland media room

The pool room had my favorite design and decor- apparently I like Tiffany lamps and crazy fabric walls. Lisa Marie narrated portions of the tour and said this was her favorite room to get into trouble.

Visiting Graceland pool table room

Elvis had a living room he called the jungle room! The jungle room is hard to get a good photo of because of the lighting. But I love the song “Walking in Memphis” by Marc Cohn and never understood the jungle room reference until now. Love the shag carpet on the ceilings and fur couches!

Visiting Graceland Jungle Room

There was plenty of Elvis memorabilia in the buildings surrounding the main house and his racquetball court. He loved racquetball so much he added the court to the grounds of Graceland.

Visiting Graceland Hall of Records

Pricilla donated a bunch of things too like her wedding dress.

Visiting Graceland Pricilla and Elvis's wedding attire

The tour ended outside in the garden where Elvis, his mother, father and grandmother are buried. It is a beautiful site where he was laid to rest at age 42.

Visiting Graceland Elvis grave

Once the Graceland tour is completed there is an airplane hangar to visit (if you purchased a more expensive ticket), a few restaurants serving peanut butter and banana sandwiches of course, and the heartbreak hotel and campground where you can rest your weary head and really spend some time in the land of Elvis.

Visiting Graceland Heartbreak Hotel and Restaurant

A few hours visiting Graceland was enough time for me so I’m off to visit my 46th state on my way to all 50 US states- Mississippi!

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  1. Mariah says:

    John Stamos, incredible!

  2. How much fun! I’m an Elvis fan, so I’d love to see this one day. So funny that John Stamos is the tour guide!

  3. Loved this post! Hope to visit on day. Tweeting for you. Thanks for linking up– #BestofBlogs

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