Voodoo Doughnut and Portland Saturday Market

If I had a perfect weekend day it would probably include all the things I did today.  Mom and I woke up bright and early ready for our Saturday in Portland, Oregon.

Portland old town sign

Our guidebook and Yelp referred us to the Portland University Farmer’s Market.  There are two Saturday Farmer’s Market so we asked the front desk for walking directions.  Unfortunately they gave directions to the wrong one instead sending us down the gorgeous waterfront park where the Saturday Market is held.

Portland Saturday Market

There were so many geese in the park nearby, I was terrified.  Birds of all kinds scare me.  I think I’m afraid of getting pooped on again (as I did in Madrid and Rome).

portland geese

There were a lot of bikers and joggers out, a lot more than you would think considering the Portland Marathon/Half Marathon was the next day!

Portland waterfront path

We walked through the Saturday Market and happened upon Voodoo Doughnut– a place on my food bucket list!!! The line was long but it moved fairly quick.

Potland Voodoo Donut line

Voodoo Doughnut is well-known for their crazy doughnut creations.  They top them with bacon, cereal, tang, and normal things too. The menu is extensive.

Portland Voodoo Doughnut store

We opted to get 2 doughnuts each and then share so we could try more.  Here are our choices:  peach fritter, blueberry cake, fruit loop, and a maple bacon bar.

Portland Voodoo Donut peach fritter

Holy crap these were good!  The peach fritter and fruit loop were probably my favorite but maple bacon was maybe up there too.   I have no idea- they were all the best doughnuts I’ve ever eaten.  We ate maybe a 1/4 of each on the hay bales outside before both Mom and I went into a sugar coma.

Portland Voodoo Doughnut hay bales

Portland Voodoo Donut donuts

Throughout the day we munched a bit more and finished them all but the peach fritter on Sunday before breakfast.

portland Voodoo Donut pink box

If you go to Portland, I cannot recommend Voodoo Doughnut enough! It was fun to eat on the hay bales, the doughnuts were tasty, but don’t be intimidated by the line.

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  1. Megan says:

    Ha ha I remember when you got pooped on in Madrid:)

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