Wake Up San Francisco!

Anyone recognize the reference for my blog title today? Full House of course- a San Francisco setting and TGIF favorite! But really- hello from San Francisco, California. I’m here for a work conference but came in early to experience the views, food, and everything San Francisco has to offer.

IMG_0346 (2)

Getting in 20,000 steps a day in San Francisco is no problem- although there are hills, there is plenty to do within walking distance of Union Square- where we are staying.

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Pier 39 is a giant tourist trap but that’s okay, it is still something fun to see. The sea lions were taking advantage of the 67 degrees and sunny weather just like us. I would have taken a nap in the sun too if there had been any room to do it.


Near Fisherman’s Wharf is the ferry to Alcatraz. Run by the National Park Service, I did an Alcatraz tour about 20 years ago with my family. I would have done it again today but tickets are sold out far in advance with the next available being August 22nd. As much as  I’d like to stay in San Francisco that long, it is probably not going to happen.

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One of San Francisco’s major highlights is the food and in particular the vastness of Asian cuisine. I was really excited about eating Chinese food since we don’t really have good options in Baltimore. We found Fang, based on Yelp reviews. The food was amazing but the service was horrendous. Appetizers come after the bill arrives but at least the little Shanghai soup dumplings were delicious!

IMG_0339 (2)

BC was a newbie to soup dumplings and the crispy, chili eggplant I ordered. Everything but the service was amazing.

Blurry eggplant:


Next up will be Japanese food for sure!

Someone needs to explain this sign name to me:

IMG_0363 (2)

The San Francisco Ferry terminal is an updated food market place with specialty food stores.  I saw ice cream, meat sandwiches, olive oil, doughnuts, seafood, sourdough bread, and Boccalone– tasty, salty pig parts.

IMG_0342 (2)

I hope to do a lot more sightseeing and eating in the days to come. Check back to follow along!

Reader Question: Have you been to San Francisco? What were your favorite restaurants/sights?

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  1. Chaitali says:

    I love San Francisco! I hope you have a great time while you’re there 🙂

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