Wandering around Madrid


After a nice nap I went wandering around Madrid.  Two years ago in April I met my sister and her family in Madrid just for fun.  I remembered the layout of Madrid downtown very quickly and set off for my favorite spots.  It is a gorgeous 65 degrees and not a cloud in the sky kind of day.  Perfect day for sightseeing.

The Royal Palace:



Almudena Cathedral right across the plaza from the Royal Palace:


The Opera House:


And a quick stop at Starbucks for some caffeine.  My nap was good but not that good.  The funny thing about iced coffee in Europe is that it is either super-strong or super-weak, no in-between.  This was the “put hair on your chest” variety.  Good stuff.


I decided that Baltimore needs a shop/restaurant like this one.  It was called Paraiso del Jamon.


All pork products, all the time.  My kind of place.


Next up was some shopping at my favorite Spanish store- Desigual.  They have lots of fun, crazy patterned clothes.  I have 2 skirts from here that I love that are perfect cute, work clothes!


But I got kicked out of the store today because of my iced coffee.  No bebitas (drinks) allowed.

I was tempted to sit outside and order some octopus from the place on the right.  My sister, her husband, and I randomly ordered that to be different along with a sangria pitcher and it was fantastic.  Not calamari but purple octopus.  Strange but good.


Remember that Megan and Josh?


(photo by my sister, April 2011)

Next up was Plaza Mayor.  It is the most famous plaza in Madrid.  It is huge and filled with outdoor dining spots and artists selling their paintings.  SpainMadridPlazaMayor2


Those were my Madrid highlights from today. Tonight is a group dinner before we head out tomorrow for my 2 week tour of Southern Spain.

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  1. Megan says:

    I remember!! And Caden got a kiss from a little Spanish girl who cried when her mom took her away from him:) Heartbreaker. And that TOTALLY sucks about your debit card!!!

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