Wandering around Moscow


Hello from Moscow! We started the adventure at the Sculpture Garden which will not be here if you ever come to Russia.  They are in the midst of destroying the sculptures left from different parks and monuments from Communist Russia.  This is their last few weeks on display in this “graveyard” of sculptures no longer wanted.

Moscow 031

This is the last sculpture of Stalin in Russia.

Moscow 029

And the founder of KGB which used to sit outside in the flower garden of the KGB headquarters.

Moscow 056

(former KGB headquarters)

Gorky Park (from that song Wind of Change by the Scorpions)

Moscow 026

Cool Peter the Great Statue

Moscow 035

Red Square and St. Basil’s with some bleachers in the way

Moscow 047

Moscow 050

In Moscow, between St. Basil’s and the Kremlin clock tower is Lenin’s mausoleum where his body lies.  And yes, you can go see it.  He died in 1924.  His body was a funky orange probably due to wax upon wax upon wax upon spray paint.  It was sooooooo weird.  They are talking about burying him for real but 5 days a week for 4 hours you can line up to see him.  The mausoleum was very well done itself but seeing a body that has been dead for 88 years is a new and strange experience. Probably one I will never have the opportunity to repeat, nor one I necessarily want to repeat.

Moscow 055

The cool Moscow opera house

Moscow 040

History Museum at one end of Red Square

Moscow 069

This awesome cathedral is the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.  It is a Russian Orthodox church that doesn’t let you take pictures on the inside but trust me, it is great!  Way cooler than the inside of St. Basil’s.

Moscow 072

Up close and personal.  Unfortunately it was pouring rain in these pictures so the gold done doesn’t look as shiny as it does when it is sunny.

Back to St. Basil’s:

Moscow 084

The inside of is not as grand as the outside.  It is cut up into tiny rooms so all artwork and icons are smaller and some rooms are pretty plain.  Although there was 1 or 2 good rooms, it wasn’t as good as The Church of Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg or the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

Moscow 082

inside St. Basil’s

My next post we are still in Moscow, visiting the Kremlin and the interesting time we had there.

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