Washington Monument Lighting (Baltimore) and more Holiday Fun

The original Washington Monument is in Baltimore and its citizens gather once a year on the first Thursday in December to light it’s Christmas lights. This year there were a few fireworks during the monument lighting but not as many as in years past.


Of course dinner was on the agenda first. There are some stands and food trucks in Mt. Vernon Square but it was a little chilly so we popped into nearby Dooby’s for a Korean Cheesesteaks and I had the pork belly bahn mi.

(apparently I didn’t want to show you the inside of my sandwich-oops!)


We went back out to the square with full bellies and listened to the the Morgan State Choir belt out some Christmas tunes before the mayor and Steve Smith, Sr. came out to start the show.

Counting down:


BC and I got front row seats for the first time ever. Usually we are squished in a pack somewhere much further back. .


It was a good, little night to get into the Christmas Spirit.

The rest of the weekend was a busy one including a birthday tailgate at M&T Bank Stadium before a Ravens game on Sunday and our neighbors Christmas open house party on Saturday.

BC and I discussed how fun but yet adult this party was. There was good kegs of beer (unheard of in our younger days!). Our $12 bottle of wine was lacking.


And giant blocks of Manchego cheese. I love this stuff. I actually grabbed a seat next to it so I could basically just eat it for dinner.


The birthday party on Sunday for my beach friend Michelle was very adult too. Chipotle catered with lots of fun cake and cupcakes.


At least there were Jello shots (salted caramel flavor!) to bring down the maturity level a bit. (pictured in front of the cake)


Someday we will have time to get our Christmas tree purchased and set up but this still hasn’t happened. We are too busy having fun to #adult ourselves.

Reader question: When do you put up your Christmas Tree? Salted caramel Jello shots- yes or no?

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