Weekend at Deerfield Spa


This weekend was special- I went to a destination spa for the first time!  Deerfield Spa is in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania in the Poconos Mountains.  About 3 1/2 hours away from Baltimore, it was a hike but perfect scenery for my spa weekend.


I arrived on very rainy Saturday morning right before lunch.  Joan, the owner, arranges for guests check-in early (prior to rooms being ready), so come dressed and ready to join a class before being served a very healthy lunch. My room was ready early so I put my stuff away and headed the the dining room to meet everyone and chow down.

The grounds of Deerfield Spa:


Lunch starts off with soup always.  All the food is very good but has no salt added.  They leave the salt on the table for you to add as needed.  I pretty much added a little salt and pepper to everything.


After my lunch (Turkey Rueben not pictured as I was hungry and forgot to take a photo), I exercised the afternoon away- I went to a 20/20/10 class which is 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of strength, and 10 minutes of abs, a yoga class,


and Pilates reformer class (which uses the slide-y board).  I’ve never done one of those Pilates on the slider classes and I really liked it.  Most gyms charge extra for that class which is why it was great to try it out here!

Mocktail hour on the porch and chatting with the ladies was on the agenda for after-showering, followed by dinner.


The sun finally came out!


The dinner entrée I chose was salmon- and it was delicious!  The best thing I ate all weekend.  Dinner started with caprese salad, then the salmon entrée, followed by strawberries dipped in chocolate for dessert.  Since I don’t like chocolate (crazy, I know!) I gave my strawberries away.  But I was still starving!  I neglected to order a sweet/baked potato with my entrée like everyone else did because I was in a rush when I chose my food at check-in.  One of the other ladies was nice and gave me half of her sweet potato in exchange for my strawberries.  Ha!


The spa lets you take in as many calories as you want but most days end up being between 1200-1500 calories.  All that exercising made me hungrier than 1200 calories though.  Lesson learned- always order a side potato!

After dinner was BINGO which I skipped in order to receive a glorious massage from Lisa.  It was a great massage and at 9:15pm when it ended I promptly took myself up to my room and fell sound asleep!

My cozy room:


And cute bathroom:


A good day to start my weekend at Deerfield Spa! More to come soon.

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