Crime and Punishment Museum and Ben’s Chili Bowl- Weekend Trip to DC


Washington, DC is so close to Baltimore and yet we rarely make it down, mostly due to the terrible traffic.  We should make more of an effort to see the nation’s capital and all it has to offer.  Over the past decade new museums are popping up and old favorites like the Smithsonian’s American History Museum have been renovated.

Crime and Punishment Museum- Weekend in Washington DC

Outside the Crime and Punishment Museum.

BC’s plan for our weekend in Washington DC was to see the Newseum (museum focusing on news), the Crime and Punishment Museum, and eat fancy Italian dinner.  My plan was to skip fancy Italian dinner and eat chili dogs 🙂  We compromised and did museums and chili dogs.

The Crime and Punishment Museum is open til 8 on Saturdays (the Newseum til only 530 like the Smithsonians) and since we got a late start we headed straight there.  There were some cool things inside like playing detective CSI-style at a crime scene.


BC channeling his inner Gil Grissom.

American’s Most Wanted is also filmed in the basement of the museum.  Unfortunately no John Walsh or filming.


I didn’t love the museum.  I liked parts of it but other parts were weird.  They had Ted Bundy’s car and lots of torture devices in the beginning part.  We walked past those very quickly.  The law enforcement exhibits, how to crack a safe, and the CSI part were neat but it definitely focused a lot on the criminals themselves which got redundant and sort of glorified them.

The Crime and Punishment Museum is a block away from the Spy Museum and the Verizon Center so it is easy to combine with other stops. Overall it was a hit or miss museum for me.  However if you do go, buy your tickets online (even the day of) and save about $6 per ticket.

Next up was my pick:  Ben’s Chili Bowl! This place is famous for its chili and chili dogs.  I’ve seen it on the Food Network and Travel Channel and on the news because President Obama frequents it.

Ben's Chili Bowl- Weekend in Washington DC

It was hopping!  It took us a good 45 minutes to get our orders in.  It took about 5 minutes for food after that.


I went to search for a table among the crowd of people and won the jackpot!


I got to sit where the President sat!!!

The chili half smoke was good.  Sorry but chili dogs are just not that photogenic and I forgot to take the picture until it was half gone.


While the chili dog was good, the chili cheese fries were the best ever!  I would come back and order my own, instead of sharing with BC.


Our weekend was cut short by a family emergency so we are saving the Newseum for our next weekend in Washington DC.

Washington DC is cool, go there soon.  And eat chili cheese fries 🙂

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    That would be Gil Grissom, Gus was an astronaut (channeling my inner Jeopardy Champion)!

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  1. May 18, 2017

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