When it Rains in Amsterdam

It rains in Amsterdam a lot and when it does there are some of Europe’s most amazing museums and historical sights to visit. The Van Gough Museum, Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, and Anne Frank House reside in Amsterdam and provide shelter from the rain while expanding knowledge, culture, and inspiring awe.


The Van Gough Museum is my favorite of the bunch and well worth the 18 Euro admission fee. It is a crowded museums with 5 floors of Van Gough’s works and a light and sculpture exhibit that was a fun change of pace. In the photo above Lauren and I are in the room that is Van Gough’s mentally ill mind. Van Gough did cut off his ear and was committed to an asylum where he painted masterpieces everyday.


The Van Gough Museum is filled with so many amazing paintings. Both Lauren and I were huge fans of this place and I will return any time I return to Amsterdam again. Tickets should be purchased online in advance as same day tickets usually sell out. They did the first time we tried to go but we were able to buy some for the next very rainy morning.

20180903_172318 (2)

A mile or so away from the Van Gough Museum was Foodhallen- an awesome indoor food hall! Go to the Foodhallen with as many people as possible so you can try all the fun things to eat. Lauren and I are both adventurous eaters so we were excited to try it all. We had dim sum, Greek falafel, dip, and veggie plate,

20180903_173554 (2)

the most amazing gin and tonic ever,

20180903_175056 (2)

and meat cups! Charcuterie at it’s finest.

20180903_182216 (2)

This was my most favorite food experience we had during our days in Amsterdam. While not inexpensive, it was really fun and we made some new friends and the gin and tonic bar.

20180905_162943 (2)

Finally, it stopped raining- for a bit. The next morning I had tickets for a tour of Anne Frank House. These tickets are released a month in advance and sell out quickly. If you are going to Amsterdam, make sure to book these as soon as possible. Lauren wasn’t able to get one (this was a last minute trip for her) so I ventured out on the rain to learn more about Anne, her family, and her experience hiding for years in a secret part of this house.

20180905_150053 (2)

I read her diary in school and remember it vividly. What is left of her writings are on display along with the accounts of those people who survived or helped out the hiding families. This is a must-do for anyone’s Amsterdam itinerary. It is a somber place but an important part of history.

DSC00472 (2)_thumb

After a bit of a walk shopping and exploring, I met back up with Lauren for our farewell dinner. Both of us were flying out in the morning so we had an early dinner at Gollem’s Proeflokaal for some beers, fondue (!), and the Dutch bar food staple: bitterballen.

20180905_194314 (2)

I am now spoiled for beer for life because Belgian beer is amazing. It was an delicious end to a very wonderful European vacation!

20180905_201158 (2)

My next big trip is in a few weeks- to Asia! And I have a smaller family trip to Arizona planned as well. Stay tuned for more adventures!

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