White Water Rafting- Bariloche, Argentina

White water rafting can be such an adventure. I’ve rafted in Peru, Costa Rica, and the United States on previous trips and was excited to get to raft in Argentina as well. Class III/IV rapids are fairly big but were not too rough on my group.


I’m the one above with bunny ears.

The rafting outfit we were participating in was a good 2 hours drive from Bariloche, the mountain/lake town in the Lakes District section of Argentina, very close to the border with Chile. Even the gas stations have good views here!

IMG_1868 (2)


On our second run through rapids we tried to “pop a wheelie” where the raft would pop up on a rock on one side. If we did it right, it was supposed to be really fun. But our front guy did the wrong thing and ended up dumping 2/3 of the people on the boat. Only myself and one other woman, plus the guide managed to stay on. No clue how I managed that. Apparently I’m a master white water rafter Smile Or just very lucky.


But if you stay in the boat, one must help everyone back onto the boat which was hilarious. I used my muscles and yanked my fellow rafters back into position. Massive amounts of laughter ensued.


I actually have video of us tipping over but the guide was basically yelling at the front guy for messing up for most of it.

Since I was still dry(ish), I was persuaded to jump in at a calm part of the river. It was really nice!


After about 2 hours on the water, we went to a farm to bring the boats ashore, dry off, and change clothes. This farm was awesome because it is on the border of Chile and Argentina- the line goes down the front yard. And of course they have a sign to mark it. Argentina and Chile have a history of tension and there was a border guard there but he just wanted to practice his English and find out where were all from.


I’m in Argentina:


By the time we packed up and cleaned up it was 4pm and we hadn’t eaten lunch yet. The Argentinians thought this was normal and everyone else was starving. We ended up on a different farm (where the home base for the white water rafting company was) and had the most amazing meal. Argentinian barbeque with chicken, beef, and beef sausage. It was so fantastic! And they just kept bringing more. I was stuffed to the gills by the end of this massive lunch (which also was dinner for me).


Meat grilled over an open flame! Oh and unlimited Malbec again.  Sheesh!


The two hour ride back to Bariloche was filled with singing and dancing on the bus (thanks unlimited wine!). It was the most fun day!


Reader Question: Have you ever been white water rafting? Did you fall in?

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