Who’s Bad- a Michael Jackson cover band at Maryland Live Casino

Singing and dancing to songs you grew up with is my favorite way to spend a chilly November night. Last Thursday Who’s Bad, a Michael Jackson cover band and experience, came to Maryland Live Casino for one bright and brilliant show. I sang, I danced, I uploaded  a video to YouTube for you all so you can experience Who’s Bad too.

Back in April we had Who’s Bad tickets but the venue oversold seats and we were left outside- behind an iron curtain (for real, an iron chain curtain). It was still fun but definitely not what we paid for.  Luckily, some tweeting (Twitter is so fantastic for quick customer service) with Maryland Live Public Relations people enabled us to get free tickets and a VIP booth for this show!!!!

Who's Bad- Michael Jackson cover band

I put on my sparkly tank top and heels, gathered some friends and was ready for an amazing show. And an amazing show it was.  I had a smile across the face the whole time.  There are actually 2 Michael Jacksons in the band, each doing their rendition- I refer to them as fantastic dancer/80’s Michael and skinny/90’s Michael with the wonderful voice.  Both are great versions of Michael Jackson- I cannot pick a favorite.

80’s/dancer Michael:

Who's Bad- a Michael Jackson cover band

90’s/Good singer Michael:

Who's Bad Michael Jackson cover band

All my favorites were played- Man in the Mirror, Smooth Criminal, Thriller, Billie Jean, The Way You Make Me Feel, and of course Bad. Who’s Bad did some Motown- Jackson 5 as well.

Who’s Bad tours all over the world. Check our their upcoming schedule and give yourself the gift of seeing the closest thing to a Michael Jackson concert possible.  It is so much fun- you will be singing and dancing to his music for days to come.

Thank you to Maryland Live for such a fun night and  making good on your promise to fix things- two thumbs up!


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7 Responses

  1. Chaitali says:

    Sounds like a fun night out! I haven’t made it to Maryland Live yet. Is it worth a trip?

  2. How much fun! I’m such a MJ fan– I would have loved this!

  3. This sounds like such a fun night! There’s so many great MJ songs, that I’m sure it was amazing to see them all live!

  4. What an awesome experience! Loved reading about your opportunity to hear some great MJ tunes and dance.

  5. Cover bands can be so much fun to reminisce on yesteryear.

  6. Oh wow this looks like so much fun! It must have been amazing to dance along and sing along to those iconic songs 🙂

  7. Lauren says:

    This looks so fun!! I love Michael. Stinks that your first experience wasn’t ideal, but so cool that you got to make up for it!! Shows that sometimes speaking up goes a long way! Thanks for linkin’ up!

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