Why Take an Oceania Cruise?

There are many cruise lines out there sailing the world’s oceans, rivers, and seas.  Last month’s Tahiti to Australia adventure added another cruise line to my repertoire- my 7th major cruise line. Oceania Cruise Line is different than most other cruise lines that I have taken.  Here is the run down of my favorite and not-so-favorite things about Oceania:

  • Oceania is the fanciest cruise line I’ve sailed with

Oceania Marina sun deck

The ships on Oceania are classy and stylish.  They aren’t trying to cram you into a small closet of a room like most other budget cruise lines.  The décor, the food, the service is all a few notches above “normal” cruise lines

IMG_5063 (2)

Our stateroom has a bathtub and a shower! In fact the bathroom was too big to fit into one photo.  That is a first for me on a cruise ship.

Oceania Marina Bathroom

  • The food is actually good!

Oceania Marina Lobster Tail

Besides sailing on the Paul Gauguin in Tahiti a few years ago, I do not like cruise ship food.  80% of the time it is not good at all.  Oceania has good food.  Lobster is on the menu almost every night at the buffet and multiple times during the week.  I was very surprised about the quality of the food on Oceania- a definite upgrade from most cruise lines.

Oceania Marina Toscana Bread Basket

This sea bass was my favorite food of the whole trip! It came cooked in the banana leaf drizzled with yummy sauce.

Oceania Marina Red Ginger Sea Bass

One of my favorite parts was getting to eat in the specialty restaurants for free! No upcharge here.  Each stateroom was able to eat in each of the 4 specialty restaurants on the Oceania Marina during the trip. The food at these restaurants was delicious!

Foie Gras on filet mignon:

Oceania Jaques Filet Mignon Foie Gras

  • Free soda!

Mom and I are big diet coke drinkers.  Oceania provides soda and non-alcoholic beverages free of charge. Our housekeeper Svetlana also kept our mini-fridge in the room stocked with excessive amounts of Diet Coke.  On steamy, South Pacific days at sea, the Diet Coke broke up the monotony of ice water by the pool.


  • The service

The service all over the ship was a step up from the rest. Servers tried to start conversations or joke with you.  Everyone just tried to make you feel welcome.

Tea time everyday at 4pm:

Oceania Marina tea time

And because I like telling both sides to the story. Here are the  not-so-good parts about Oceania:

Oceania putting green

  • Beer, wine, and liquor are not free.  At the same class and price range the Paul Gauguin did offer free booze, beer, and wine.  Oceania wanted to charge up to $60 a day for the same amenity.
  • The side trips were outrageously expensive.  The jet ski tour that Mom and I took in Bora Bora was $399 per person through Oceania ($800 total).  When I booked it online it was $240 for the both of us. A lot of people on the ship complained about this
  • The shows were pretty awful.  The magician was good as were a few of the musicians but the Broadway shows they put on were God-awful.  I heard quite a few comments about this as well. I’m sure they were trying very hard and the male lead was wonderful but the female lead was so very out of place.

Bora Bora yellow boat

Overall, I would definitely take an Oceania Cruise again if the itinerary was right.  Mom prefers the soft landing of cruise over continually having to move your luggage as you see new places.  If you are in the market for an easy vacation, an Oceania Cruise will fit the bill.

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  1. Amber says:

    Stopping by to share the love on your blog 🙂 Interesting, I have NEVER heard of this cruise line, I feel as if I am too “young” and it’s too fancy for me! I went on a carnival and loved it!

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