Wine Tasting around Keuka Lake- Hammondsport, NY

Wine, wine, and more wine.  Wine was the word of the day in Hammondsport, New York.  After hiking in Watkins Glen State Park through the gorge with amazing waterfalls we hopped in the car for quick 30 minute trip to Hammondsport. 

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Today’s wine tour started out at Ravines Wine Cellars overlooking Keuka Lake. Our host was a lot of fun. She obviously had a love of wine but in particular with the right food. If I was even a little bit hungry after our breakfast at Blackberry Inn Bed and Breakfast back in Watkins Glen, she would have put me in the mood for some seafood or steak to have with my wine.

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The ice wine at Ravines was a fun thing to try. They freeze the wine and it is like a slushy. Probably very awesome on a summer picnic on a hot day!

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Our second stop of the day was at Domaine Leseurre– a French style winery also overlooking Lake Keuka.

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They are a brand new, owned, farmed, and run by a 30-something couple from France who met while traveling the world. A lot of the wine- Chardonnay, sparkling wines, and Gewurztraminer has a distinct French influence.

Our sommelier at Domaine Leseurre was a wealth of knowledge and an obvious science nerd just like me- very fun to talk with about wine.

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Good wine with good views!

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Lunch was a goodie. We stopped at the Village Tavern in the main square on Mechanic Street in Hammondsport, NY.

IMG_5944 (2)

Side note: BC tells me that all small towns have cute little squares like this.  I disagree- Who is right?

We opted for a light lunch at Village Tavern around 2:30pm as breakfast kept us full forever. I ordered what I thought was a boring Caesar salad. Instead I received a plate of deliciousness with loads of parmesean and sun-dried tomatoes.

IMG_2254 (2)

Yum! A cup of seafood chowder hit the spot.

IMG_2251 (2)

BC ordered a delicious, cheesy Rueben to cure his recently-acquired corned beef craving. 

IMG_2252 (2) The Rueben was excellent- especially the corned beef.  Two thumbs up on lunch.  We went for a booze-free lunch because of our wine tastings but the Village Tavern had an excellent wine and beer list.  Next time.

IMG_8245 (2)

To walk off our second delicious meal of the day, we strolled a few blocks to Depot Park. Depot park is found on the smartly-named Water St. along Keuka Lake, for some views.

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Tonight we are staying at the Keuka Lakeside Inn and have another winery and a brewery to visit in Hammondsport.  Stay tuned!

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