Wine Tasting in Mendoza

Hola from South America! I am here for the next few weeks exploring different parts of Argentina and Chile (and possibly Uruguay). Mendoza was the first real stop on my grand South American adventure- home of Malbec! We all know I love red wine so a bike tour of this famous wine producing region was right up my alley.


We rode for a total of 20 kilometers and went to 3 different wineries. After the 3rd one we did not ride bikes and got a ride because it was in everyone’s best interest. There would have been some swerving bikes on the road for sure.


Our first stop was Nieto Senetiner, a gorgeous little spot where the guide talked to us about smells and tastes of the wines. We had 1 sparkling, 1 Malbec (of course), and one Bonarda. The Malbec was far and away my favorite.


After riding another 3 kilometers we arrived at Albavista my favorite winery of the day. The grounds were gorgeous with the Andes in the background.


We toured the facilities before tasting all the wine including whites, reds, sparkling, ice wine, and even olive oil. The Malbec was again my favorite and one I will be on the hunt for in the United States.

IMG_1738 (2)

The olive oil tasting was fun too. I would have purchased a bottle of this had I not been 2 days into a 4 week trip. My backpack is heavy enough as it is and I’m afraid it would end up breaking with all my flights and bus rides.


We carefully rode our bikes on feeling happy. The bus would take over after this Smile Alta Vista was the third winery visited and the group opted for a different experience here. We ordered boxed lunches, sat on the grass, and tasted wine picnic-style.

IMG_1749 (2)

The wine here was great again- I had 3 reds- two Malbecs (of course) and a Cabernet Franc. After all that wine, there were a few siestas on the grass while the rest of us discussed life, hiking, and traveling.

IMG_1753 (2)

Then the birds took to the trees for a siesta themselves and starting pooping on people. Pandemonium ensued among us tipsy travelers and we called it a day. Nothing like a little bird poop to end the fun. I did not get hit, thankfully! It was a hilarious end to the fun day.

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