Women’s March in Maui

Saturday was the day of the big Women’s March on Washington. A lot of my Baltimore friends were able to make the main event but since I was on vacation in Maui, attending the Maui sister march was my only possibility. All the marches were timed to take place at the exact same time no matter what time zone your location. Being in Hawaii that meant I needed to be there at 7am to park. Another early morning in Maui this time for the Women’s March Maui edition.

Women's March Maui Introduction

The Women’s March Maui planners expected between 500-1000 people participating and ended up with 2000 people. The march held the same values as the sister marches but with a Hawaiian flair. (Somehow I managed to get one of the t-shirts which were sold out in 2 minutes, for real!)


Also there were rainbows!

IMG_8589 (2)

My favorite sign was simple: Science is real. (Although why that needs to be written on a sign is beyond me)

Women's March Maui marchers

A lot of people marching in Maui were my mother’s age- who’s last protests were in the Vietnam War era. So many were speaking about their last march decades ago and a few of their arrests. This was probably my favorite part of the day. I was a bit jealous of the community of those who lived on Maui who knew other people- hugging, giving words of encouragement, and discussing ideas.

Women's March Maui

As it turns out, it was a good thing the march was in the morning because around noon the winds came out- 50-60 mile per hour winds. It was incredible. The beach was impossible. I tried to sit outside and read my book but almost blew away and was a little scared of a tree falling down.


But the rainbows kept coming. Hawaiians think of rainbows as a symbol of the celebration of diversity so it kind of fit the theme of the day.


Reader Questions: What is the most rainbows you’ve seen in one day? Today was the most I’ve seen in 24 hours. Did you march on Saturday?

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Wow, this sounds like a great experience! I love that you were able to find a sister march while on vacation 🙂 We went into the city on Saturday with a bus that had older women who were talking about their marches back in the 70s too. It was really interesting to listen to them.

  2. You captured rainbows! Stunning landscape. Great experience, Andrea!

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