World Elephant Day


World Elephant Day was last week.  In honor of World Elephant Day and the fact that one year ago today I was on my way to Africa for my East African Safari in Kenya and Tanzania, here are the best of my elephant experiences.


Aberdare National Park in Kenya was my first experience seeing African elephants in the wild.  We were just driving down the dirt path when the trees started rustling and out popped an elephant head.


African elephants have long tusks which unfortunately makes them valuable to poachers.


In the Masai Mara we saw more elephants in great numbers.  Families of elephants (and all elephants in general) can be dangerous if you get too close.


We kept our distance but one family felt like crossing right in front of us.  We made sure to stay quiet and not startle them.  Mom elephant still flapped her ears at us in warning not to mess with her baby.


This part of the trip was one of my favorites.  So many elephants in the wild all at once.


This elephant in Tanzania in the Ngorongoro Crater has the biggest tusks of any African elephant I saw on the trip.  The food in the Ngorongoro Crater is rich in vitamins and minerals (it is a volcanic caldera) so it makes the elephants tusks grow much larger than others.


My favorite photo of elephants that I have ever taken was in the Serengeti.  The sky and the water make the shot.  The elephants were just drinking water to stay cool in the hot African sun.


In Lampang, Thailand I went to an elephant conservatory where elephants that were injured from landmines came to recover or to live if they wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild.  The conservatory was thousands of acres and the elephants were free to roam once they were healthy.  I’m not big on zoos but this place was perfect for the elephants that were injured.


Elephant that was just born. So cute!


That’s all from me today.  I hope you enjoyed all the photos of elephants.  They are one my favorites in the animal kingdom.  Hopefully someday you will be able to see an elephant in the wild and see just how majestic they are.

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