Wrangell, Alaska

Wrangell, Alaska is the first stop on our Alaska cruise itinerary. It shall be forever known to me as the place I cracked my brand new Samsung S9 phone. I was attempting to take a selfie on Petroglyph Beach and dropped it on one of the hardest rocks on Earth. Just my luck.

20180604_161402 (2)

Petroglyph Beach in Wrangell was pretty amazing despite my sad, newly broken phone dropped after this photo. It still works and all, just cracked.

20180604_162019 (3)

It is not known what the symbols on the rocks mean and there are many theories including boredom as they waited to meet other people on the beach from the nearby Stikine River.

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Totem Pole Park is in the downtown area and has multiple totem poles crafted by local tribesman. I learned that the raven is considered highly regarded because of their intelligence, the eagle for it’s majestic hunting skills.

20180604_151945 (2)

Personally this totem pole looks a little like aliens to me.

20180604_152141 (2)

The historical museum in Wrangell was interesting and well done with two videos for a good 10 minute sit down break. And outside of the museum was gorgeous and perfect for a picnic.


There isn’t a lot to do in Wrangell so prepare yourself for a relaxing day if you ever stop here on an Alaskan cruise.

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The coolest thing about Wrangell is the nearby garnet gem mine was given to the Boy Scouts of America long ago and now all children from town are allowed to mine the garnets and sell them to hone their entrepreneurial skills. Adults are not allowed to mine or sell. The ones I saw were between $3-20 each. It is such a cool thing to do and this is how most kids make money in the summer- selling to tourists until they have enough to buy their own boats, college tuition, etc.

Mom’s $3 garnet still in rock:


The slow pace of life in Southern Alaska sets the pace for this relaxing vacation. I have a lot of outdoor adventures, book reading, Alaska Amber drinking, and crab picking planned for this trip. Next up is Haines, Alaska and a 26 mile bike ride is on my schedule.

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