Yellowstone Landscapes, Scenes, and Wildlife

Yellowstone landscapes mountain

Yellowstone National Park is filled with wildlife, so much so it caused us to be in a quite a few traffic jams.


There are bison everywhere.  You could tell which cars were new to the park, as they would stop to check out the bison in fields and the side of the rorad, even if they were far away.  Mom and I only stopped when the car ahead of us forced us to stop and look. Or when the bison were in the middle of the road, they would make a very big dent!


You are not supposed to get to close but this guy was right outside the car window.  He is huge!!!

Yellowstone landscapes bison

Yellowstone also a lot of moose and elk.  Most of the predators stayed away (wolverines, foxes, wolves, grizzly bears, coyotes) from the main roads and humans- we never saw any.



The only bear we ran into (almost with the car) was a black bear that sprinted across the road 2 cars in front of us.  My mad grab for the camera only resulted in a black blurry blob in the blurry woods.

Yellowstone landscapes are very diverse, the scenery changes so quickly from mountains, gorges, valleys, meadows, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, hot springs, geysers, and more.

Lower Falls from Artists Point:

Yellowstone Landscapes Lower Falls

Hikers in good shape can see Lower Falls up close and personal after descending over 500 ft into in the canyon.  The problem is going back up.  328 stairs plus another giant straight up hill climb.  Whew, it was tough.  Mom sat that one out.

Yellowstone Landscapes Falls

The Yellowstone River from Upper Falls lookout point:

Yellowstone Landscapes Yellowstone River

The valleys were just as pretty as the gorges and waterfalls.  I was always looking for a bear at these watering holes but no luck (which is probably a good thing!).

Yellowstone Landscapes

That’s it from Yellowstone!  A food post and wrap-up post are still to come!

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    […] Artist’s Point at Lower Falls is one of my favorite photo stops of my life! […]

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    […] Artist’s Point at Lower Falls is one of my favorite photo stops of my life! […]

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