Yellowstone Wildlife and Snow

Yellowstone is filled with so many animals! We hardly saw any animals in Glacier National Park (and thankfully no grizzlies!) so this was a fun day filled with so many sights and even bears! We entered Yellowstone through the North Entrance near Mammoth Hot Springs.

IMG_7264 (2)

We did a chilly little walk through of these hot springs which were quite dry this time around. But still pretty spectacular.

IMG_7258 (2)

The goal for the day was to work our way through the park to Grant Village to camp for the night. We had to cross Dunraven Pass and all it’s snowy glory.

IMG_7284 (2)

But this is where we saw a black bear hanging out on the side of the road:

IMG_8677 (2)

He caused quite the bear jam! But the surrounding areas were pretty scenic so I was a happy camper with my camera taking photos.

IMG_7269 (2)

Soon we came upon this 12 point buck just chilling on the side of the road. He also caused a buck jam!

IMG_7286 (2)

Definitely the biggest antlers I’ve seen on a living animal.

And our final awesome wildlife spotting of the day was this bighorn sheep ram.

IMG_8668 (2)

There were some lovely sights along the way from the road’s overlook points,

IMG_8670 (2)

and along Yellowstone Lake at West Thumb.

IMG_7292 (2)

West Thumb is right next to Grant Village and is a short walk to visit many hot springs. The sun had finally come out so we were anxious to soak in some Vitamin D.

IMG_8686 (2)

But we pushed our luck too far. In an attempt to squeeze more into our day, we drove onto Old Faithful. But it clouded and fogged over once we arrived so Old Faithful wasn’t looking as glorious as it usually does. But it is Old Faithful so it was still pretty cool.

IMG_7298 (2)

On the Upper Geyser Basin walk at Old Faithful we saw some more geysers and hot spring pools on a cold walk around the area. I ate a buffalo burger for lunch so this guy was giving me the stink eye.

IMG_8700 (2)

Needing a good warm up we drove back to Grant Village Campground, started a roaring fire (with my cheater Duralogs since the ground was so wet!), and roasted some hot dogs and ate huckleberry pie I ordered to-go from lunch.  Yum!

IMG_8702 (2)

Reader Question: Have you ever seen in a bear (not in a zoo)? Have you ever seen a grizzly?!?

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  1. Gorgeous animals!!! Did you see the bear in my backyard???? We had two this summer and I posted about it on a few Fridays. Glad you enjoyed/ are enjoying your trip!

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