Zion National Park in One Day

Zion National Park in Utah is one of the easiest parks to see in a day. The public transportation bus system through the park takes you everywhere you need to go. We came to Zion on a dreary day, with rain clouds in the sky, and the threat of flash flooding.  Not an ideal day but sometimes you have you take a chance.

(And it worked out for us! Sun!)

IMG_8890 (2)

The shuttle bus picks up tourists at the Visitor’s Center and sets off on an nine stop tour of Zion National Park. We didn’t hop off the bus at every stop but did for quite a few.

IMG_7607 (2)

The Narrows is the the last stop (#9) and is the most famous hike in Zion. Hikers wade through the water at the Narrows once completing the 2 mile Riverside Walk. Because of the flash flood threat, the Narrows was closed to hikers today. BC was not sad to miss the 9.4 mile/8 hour hike in the water. Watch out for the super fat and aggressive squirrels on this trail!

The hiking trail is through this muddy water (which usually isn’t quite this full):

IMG_7616 (2)

A hike we did do today was to Lower and Upper Emerald Pools (found at stop 5 from the Zion Park Lodge). There was  crowd of people on this trail to Lower Emerald Pool because it is an easy 1.2 miles with waterfalls!

IMG_7586 (2)

There was a lot of mud and the trail was pretty slippery if you went underneath the falls but it was fun.

IMG_7582 (2)

Once you get past the falls, the crowd thins out and in our case, the sun came out!!! We hadn’t seen the sun for days at this point so I was so happy.

IMG_7595 (2)

We hopped off the bus for a few more photo stops before getting off at stop #2 for a movie about Zion National Park and to see the Towers of the Virgin,

IMG_7625 (2)

eventually hiking back on the Pa’rus Trail to stop #1 to eat some late afternoon turkey sandwiches in our Jucy van.

IMG_7610 (2)

Zion National Park had a few more hikes we didn’t get to do like The Narrows and Angel’s Landing but it was still a good day with the bonus of some afternoon sunshine.

IMG_8881 (2)

We decided that a trip back to Bryce Canyon is in order so we shall be retracing our steps that way and hope the fog has cleared! Bryce Canyon and Zion are only a few hours apart- good thing! Here’s hoping for some better weather from now on.

Reader Question: Have you ever been to Zion? Did you think it was super-crowded? Recently it has been in the news as they are going to try to limit the number of visitors per day.

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  1. Chaitali says:

    It sounds like you encountered a lot of bad weather on this trip so I’m glad this day the weather was in your favor 🙂

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